The best thing about motorcycling is being able to jump on and head off on an adventure. Whether that means going out to get away from it all (or just adding a bit of excitement to your commute) there are a few things which can make life a bit easier!

Here are our top motorcycling accessories for bikers:

  1. Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
full face helmet
Our Full-Face Helmet has a 4/5 SHARP rating

You probably already know that wearing a helmet whilst riding your motorbike is the law! All motorbike helmets have to meet minimum EU standards, but many helmets are also tested by SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme), which rates the protection levels provided by helmets upon different types of impact.

Our Full Face Motorcycle Helmet gets a brilliant 4 out of 5 star SHARP rating – and is available for just £30! Designed to conform to motorcycle helmet safety standard ECE 22.05, the Full Face Motorcycle Helmet provides excellent protection and comfort, and also means you can easily afford a really safe helmet for passengers.

  1. Motorcycling Sat Navs
tomtom rider 400
The TomTom Rider 400 is a great option for finding new routes

Sitting around a big map with your highlighters is great fun and can really get you excited for your next trip. But it’s not very practical for every day riding! The best motorbike-specific sat navs (such as the TomTom Rider 400 and the Garmin Zumo 390) can suggest trips for you that use ‘curvy roads’, or even let you choose how twisty and or hilly you want your ride to be.

garmin zumo 390
The Garmin Zumo 390 keeps track of service intervals

Of course, these motorcycling sat navs are also weatherproof for when your rides are a bit wetter, and include bike-specific mounts to keep them easily accessible (as well as out of the way). What’s more, they even allow you to see the shape of corners that are coming up, so you don’t get caught out! The Garmin Zumo 390 will even remind you when to service and check parts on your bike (like fluids and filters) to keep you rolling without worry.

  1. Nextbase RIDE Dash Cam 
nextbase ride
The Nextbase RIDE is their first dash cam for bikers

Dash cams are becoming more and more popular with motorists, and action cameras have always been a great way to watch and share your trips. The Nextbase RIDE Motorcycle Dash Cam has been designed specifically for bikers. It features a fully waterproof IPx6 housing (to survive life on the bars), records in 1080p full HD, and is the perfect size and shape for sitting out of the way. If something were to happen, the G-sensor will save your footage, so there’s always a witness around.

  1. oxford screamer disc lock
    The Oxford Screamer Disc Lock gives some extra security

    Oxford Screamer Alarm Disc Lock

The Oxford Screamer Alarm Disc Lock securely fits onto the disc brake of your bike, meaning that it can’t be ridden away. It’s small and tough, and a quick way to make your bike a bit more difficult to steal. As an extra level of protection, it’ll sound a 100dB siren if your bike moves to help deter other kinds of theft.

  1. Yuasa YTX9-BS Powersport Motorcycle Battery
Yuasa YTX9-BS Powersport Motorcycle Battery
The Yuasa YTX9-BS Powersport Motorcycle Battery is long-lasting and low-maintenance

The Yuasa YTX9-BS Powersport Motorcycle Battery is a sealed battery that never needs refilling! It uses advanced technology for extra starting power which is also designed to last for longer. Spend less time worrying about your battery, and more time out on the open road!


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